The Types of Coaching I Offer!



Grief is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Whether it's the loss of a family member, friend, pet, ability, job, etc. Grieving can effect our day-to-day life, our sleep, our appetite, our way of thinking & can seem impossible to get through! We often feel lost on what to do after loss or how to cope with it! Grief is one of the feelings we wish we could turn off or stuff down deep inside ourselves so we don't have to the loss or the feelings that come with it! I am here to guide you &/or your loved one's through every form of grief your heart con possibly feel!



First of all, I want you to congratulate yourself on choosing recovery, this step can be very hard, scary & sometimes feel impossible to take! Recovery isn't something we achieve overnight, it's a long & hard road that has many turns, speed bumps, potholes, steep hills & forks in the road! It might not be easy or something we can fast-forward but I can say it gets easier with time & is one of the most worth it choices you can make for yourself! I am here to guide you to stay on this road & live your best life!

Addictions of Many Forms


Are you recovering from an Addiction? Fear your Addiction is making it's way back into your life? Need some guidance on what to do now that you've broken up with your Addiction? Never fear, Lighthouse Guidance is here to guide you through all of this & much more!



Your Career isn't just your job, it's a huge part of your life, it's your hard work being put into action, it's your way of providing for your loved one's or for yourself, it's where you make memories, changes & choices in your everyday life! Your Career can also come with many challenges, trials & tribulations! I am here to guide through these times & get the best out of your Career!

Panic Attacks


Let's talk about panic attacks. Panic attacks can make you feel like your doomsday has come, like your life is over, like your about to take your last breath! Do you feel confused why no one else can feel the appending doom like you feel & act as if everything is okay when inside your worst terriers are coming alive? I can be your lighthouse to guide you through your inner storms along side with your present support system that is in place!

Health & Wellness


Physical & mental health & wellness are two of the most important assets you have the right to have in your life! Physical & mental health & wellness can often feel locked away with the key thrown far away! I am here to guide you in finding the key you hide deep inside to unlock your best physical & mental health & wellness!

Personal Empowerment


Live the best, most confident, joyful life that you've always dreamed of for yourself! Self confidence & empowerment can be tricky at times to obtain & can often feel unachievable. This is a completely natural feeling & nothing to feel ashamed of! We all have these times in our life but it's how we handle them that defines who we are! I am here to guide you to discover the most confident & empowered version of yourself!

Relationships of all forms


Relationships of any kind can be more complicated than trying to solve a hundred rubik's cubes! Relationships are important to us as human beings because we come build in with the need to find that person in which we truly connect with, who understands us, who is always there for us, to which share our happiest or saddest moments with & because the thought of going through life alone is one of the scariest feelings we can feel! Is having a healthy & happy relationship with your family, romantic partner, friends, co-workers, etc something that is troubling you? I am here to guide you in achieving that desired relationship!

LGBT Support


I am proud to guide the many members of the LGBT community! Whether it's coming out to your loved one's, fear of what other's will think about you, learning to feel good about yourself, or any other feelings or fears your heart has, I am here to guide you through it all! (My coaching comes completely prejudice & judgment free! My sessions are a safe place to be your colorful & wonderful self!)



Let's talk about Depression! Depression has a negative pull that can affect how we feel, the way we think & how we act. Depression can cause feelings of sadness, worthlessness, guilt &/or a loss of interest in activities or pleasures we normally enjoy! Depression can also leave a negative effect on our physical being such as changes in appetite, weight loss or gain that are unrelated to dieting, difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, loss of energy or the feeling fatigue. I am here as an additional support along with your present support system to guide you or your loved one through this difficult time!



As someone who use to live with Anxiety every day, I know exactly how hopeless this feeling can leave you! Severe anxiety can cause panic attacks, stuttering, fear of being social or interacting with others or fear of even leaving our front door! Let's talk about the feeling of hopelessness that comes with anxiety. One second we're okay but next we feel anxious or nervous about what feels like nothing at all! We can get anxiety from many reasons such as a traumatic experience from our childhood or adulthood, a situation we don't feel comfortable in, we could have been born with a higher level of anxiety, etc. I am here as an additional support along with your present support system to guide you or your loved one to live their best life even with anxiety!

Dream Chasing


Dreams are wishes that your heart makes! Yet our head & our heart don't always see eye-to-eye which can leave us feeling conflicted with what we can & can't achieve! The mixed messages we receive from what's in our chest & that squishy pink noodle we call our brain can be hard to understand & leave us confused with which one we should be listening to! I am here to guide you in finding that inner clarity you need to reach your dreams!

Trouble with Sleeping


Having a good nights sleep is just as import as eating well or staying in shape! Having a good night sleep can leave you feeling refreshed & ready to take on the day ahead of you where as having a bad night sleep can leave you feeling irritable & incapable of doing what needs to be done throughout your day! A bad night sleep can be caused by a variety of reasons such as stress, worrying, bad dreams or night terrors, restlessness, mental struggles, to name a few. Do you have a mind that likes to remind of every little thing possible to think about all hours of the night? I am here to guide you in achieving that desired good nights rest so you can make the most from your brand new day that lies ahead!



Making choices big or small is one of the biggest & scariest parts of life & can leave you feeling alone, scared or overwhelmed! Some choices can make or break our future, change our life for the better or the worst & so much more! But what makes choices so hard to make? Fear of the unknown? Fear of how others will react to the changes made?  Too many options to choose from? Not enough options to choose from? Is making a certain choice keeping you up at night? I am here to guide with that choice no matter how big or small it may be!

Standing in your own way


Are YOU standing in your own way? This is very common yet hard to realize when happening. It's always easier to blame something/someone else for standing in our way yet rarely ask "Am I in my own way?" Standing in our own way can only change when we are ready to stop being the reason for our own failures! I can guide you to stop being in your own way.

Fears & Phobias


Fears & phobias are something we all have but that doesn't make them any easier, does it? Sadly that answer it no! Perhaps you fear something new? Something you don't understand? Something you know all to well? Fears & phobias come in many shapes & forms, from getting your wisdom teeth out to public speaking to spiders or snakes to going on that first date to riding the elevator, etc. I am here to guide you through all the fears or phobias your heart feels!

Personal & Life


Personal coaching is whatever your heart needs guidance with. Sometimes there's no label for it, it's just how you feel & that's absolutely okay!  

Life Coaching is about guiding clients to see their lives from a different perspective & giving them the confidence to move forward.  

Anger Management


AHHHHHH, OHHHH, GRRRRR!!!!! Does this all sound familiar? If so, you might need some guidance with the infamous feeling of anger! First, let's talk about anger. Anger is a very normal feeling yet that doesn't make it any easier to handle, does it? Ever feel like throwing your phone at the wall? Screaming at your boss at the top of your lungs? Ripping apart all those pesky bills? Telling that annoying neighbor to jump in the lake? I will guide you to handle your anger in a more healthy & productive way.