A Look Into My World!


Why I Choose to be a Coach

My younger years were the darkest times of my life. I went through my own inner storms without anyone there for me during these times in my life. I learned to become my own lighthouse so I could guide myself to shore! This made me stronger. Once in my healing, I noticed others who where still going through their dark times with no one there for them either and wished I could help guide them to shore as I did for myself! I'm the proud mom of my amazing 24 year young daughter who has shown me the gift I have to help those in needing of guidance. I started out with helping people with cleaning their place but something didn't feel right to me. I took some time to do some inner reflecting and realized that my true potential was to help those in need of inner-world guidance not outer world. To sum it all up, I became a life coach so I could guide those in need the way I wish someone had done for me.


My Story


I am Pitche Zeegwun. Like a lot of us, I did not have the best home environment when growing up. I went through my own struggles to make it through my childhood and then into my adulthood. Along the way I went through my share of giving up and then starting over again. What I liked most about my journey was that no matter how difficult things might have become from time to time, I still would get up and keep going which was very difficult for me at times as giving up seemed so much easier.

From there I was fortunate enough to find encouraging support along my journey that pushed in just the right direction. I did a lot of inner searching & healing to reach the place in my journey which brought me to where I am today. This journey is beneficial to my clients as I am in the present when working with my clients and not caught up in my own issues which could compromise my client's sessions & on-going recovery 


Meet My Family

My family roots are very important to me not only in my healing but also as the proud mom of my amazing, talented, & beautiful daughter.